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Your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all driven by brainwave communication. Each available track in the EkōSync app is an original composition, designed exclusively to harmonize your brain waves for the desired effect. When the vibrations from the sound reach your brain, they generate self-healing responses in your body. This can be enhanced emotions, hormone production like dopamine, serotonin, & melatonin or proper organ & gland function.


Experience binaural tones via earphones to lower stress levels and anxiety, increase focus, relieve pain and aches, improve sleep, and to overcome depression and addiction.


Ancient healing notes used by 11th century Gregorian monks, rediscovered in the 1970s for their medicinal properties.

Sleep & Meditation Timers

Choose to be guided or to simply play the peaceful tones which are tuned to frequencies to activate Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwaves for deep relaxation.

Pranayama Breathing

“Prana” is bio-energy and “yama” means to control or regulate. These ancient breathing techniques quiet your mind, reduce hypertension, and improve concentration.


Rooted in Sanskrit, one of the oldest energy-based languages of humanity, these vocal tones help you transform inwardly and outwardly.

Guided Meditations

Choose from 5, 10, 15, and 20 minute guided meditations depending on what you have time for and what you need in this moment.

Key Benefits

EkoSync helps you heal and alleviate dis-ease in the mind and can result in the following:

Enhance confidence
Improve relationships
Overcome depression
Alleviate anxiety
Quieter mind
Eliminate negative thoughts
Lower stress levels
Fewer mood swings
Improve memory
Recovery from PTSD

Nicola Tesla said if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. Using EkoSync, your energy can experience the following:

Release blocked emotions
Greater creativity
Balanced emotions
Ease of presence
Clearer communication
Better listening & concentration

Sound Healing From EkōSync App

  • Experience ancient practices that use vibrations and frequencies from instruments like Tibetan and crystal singing bowls to help relax the body and mind.
  • For thousands of years many cultures have used the deep, penetrating effects of these harmonic vibrations as medicine to promote healing and well-being.
  • The sound waves entrain the brain to move out of Beta waves and into Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwave frequencies. These brainwave states induce a deep meditative and peaceful experience.
  • Now you can access healing, in the palm of your hand.

Brainwaves That Work For You

  • Most of our wakefulness is spent in beta for maximizing productivity. In today’s world productivity sounds great, but not shifting into the other healing brainwave states can cause lasting negative effects.
  • The EkōSync App frequencies generate alpha, theta and delta brain waves that calm the nervous system and promote self-healing.
  • Alpha waves (7-13 Hz) create relaxed focus. These are measurable when watching TV (unconsciously) or when in creative flow and light meditation (conscious). These help you harness the potential of your left and right brain.
  • Theta waves (4-7 Hz) create deep relaxation and sleep. They can be measured during sleep and in deep meditative states. These help you with learning and memory.
  • Delta waves (0-4 Hz) create very deep sleep. They can be measured during dreamless sleep. These help the body release human growth hormone to repair itself and strengthen the immune system.
  • For the full and maximal effect of binaural beats therapy, listen for 15-30 minutes every day.

One sound can take all that away.
- Sean

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